Integration of Internet Fax in your company

Integration of Internet Fax in your company

Using an Internet fax and uninterrupted communication is crucial for survival in the competitive world in todays marketplace. With the fast pace of modern technology, its time to receive a phone call from a customer who tells you that a fax is on its way. Similarly, the days are gone to wait with the fax at the other end to make sure the important document is safe ... and the fax is full of paper during the transfer.

With the advent of virtual offices and global communications, a companys hardware device would need to grow wings to go wherever business can go. This makes it important for companies to pay attention to fax communication needs when evaluating current office communication procedures and considering a conversion to virtual office systems. Faxing over the Internet is a cheap, convenient and reasonable way to convert fax based communication to virtual office settings. Todays satisfied Internet fax customers include Gold Pages, the Red Cross, Dell, FedEx and other Fortune 500 companies.

For entrepreneurs familiar with traditional fax machines for doing business, it may be challenging to visualize how faxing over the Internet works. What about paper files that need faxing? What should you do about the cover? Such systems require a basic knowledge of a computer. Every employee who knows how to use a mouse will be running Internet fax in short order. Different providers may have different ways to send faxes with their systems. Some may use an email format while others have a certain control panel. To receive a fax, the sender simply has to enter the companys fax number as usual and the fax is delivered directly to the recipients email mailbox or online control panel where the fax can be opened, reviewed and forwarded.

The efficiency of Internet fax services goes beyond simple business efficiency. With concern over the environment and global warming, these services offer a green option that increases efficiency while improving the companys carbon footprint and reputation for environmentally conscious consumers. Internet service eliminates the additional cost of purchasing expensive ink, fax paper, fax maintenance charges, and downtime when fax machines are not in use. Internet service providers offer a higher degree of confidentiality with secure encryption, which reduces the risk of a private or sensitive fax falling into unauthorized hands after setting too long on the office fax machine.

Additionally, Internet fax services offer the option of setting up a free fax line or multiple fax numbers associated with different states, regions or even countries. Sophisticated, yet affordable fax software enables bells and whistles, such as automatic conversion of documents to fax friendly formats, compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and other email service programs, as well as the ability to use digital signatures. Integrated online management ensures that fax activities are easily monitored in real time. The only equipment needed to install an Internet Fax service is a computer that has Internet access.

Integrating Internet fax services into current business or switching from traditional fax machines to electronic fax services has never been easier. Most Internet fax providers offer a range of options suitable for solo preneurs, small and medium sized businesses and companies as well as free trial and month to month plans, so companies do not have to deal with the inconvenience of long term contracts. Online audit services provide comparable prices for many of the most popular Internet fax providers, allowing companies to choose the service that suits their needs while avoiding fine print and hidden fees. Most services start around 10 per month depending on the plan and features selected. Any setup fees will be moderate or there are some vendors who have no set fees at all. If a company already has a fax number and does not want to change it, they can easily transfer the number to their new provider.

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