Top 5 ways, fax automation will increase small business productivity

Top 5 ways, fax automation will increase small business productivity

Today, most small and medium sized organizations understand outbound fax automation as the ability to send faxes with their computers by e mail or internet. This is just the tip of the business producing iceberg. Outbound fax automation is about saving time and money by eliminating manual fax creation and submission. It is the use of a computer based fax solution in a certain way to send outgoing faxes. All computer based fax solutions are not created alike. The choice of the best solution depends on budget, fax volume, identified invalidity errors in the workflow and future eDocument Delivery initiatives.

going faxing, the five best ways to increase productivity are as follows

Automated desktop faxing

FAX sending

Sending faxes using e mail distribution groups

Fax Activate Billing and Billing

Outbound fax management

Automated desktop faxing

Most office administrators or office managers are involved in sending or faxing documents. These documents usually contain reports, newsletters, invoices, messages, and marketing literature. The manual transmission and faxing of these types of documents is labor intensive, cost effective and significant time consuming. Automated desktop fax eliminates printing, mailing and faxing of reports, form letters, newsletters, messages, etc. by hand. Automated desktop faxes happen directly from your computer. Fax tools are installed in your document management programs Microsoft Word, Crystal Reports, etc. as well as your contact database programs Microsoft Excel, Access, Goldmine, Maximizer, etc.

FAX sending

Fax transmission is another form of automated outgoing fax automation. It significantly reduces repetitive steps and increases the speed of delivery of documents. For many small and medium sized businesses, fax delivery is an important part of their ongoing marketing, product announcement and customer communication strategies. With the influx of email spam and spam filters it becomes increasingly difficult to reach your own customers. Sending a fax often eliminates this concern, because unlike e mail messages are always read and delivered faxes when the recipients are properly identified. When selecting a fax sending solution, make sure it can perform the following steps

Ability to create an easy to read faxable document.

Ability to create or use an existing database list of different formats CSV, TEXT, EXCEL, ACCESS, SQL,

Ability to map database fields to the contents of the Customization Fax Document.

Ability to manage the entire process easily. Management includes tracking, monitoring and modification and redistribution.

Send faxes using e mail distribution lists

Fax automation is about utilizing existing technology and resources. When you send faxes using e mail distribution groups, you can use a centralized phonebook or recipient list. It eliminates the need to create or maintain separate phonebooks. In addition, third party applications and other databases link directly to email contacts or distribution groups. The most common locations for prospects or existing customer records and detailed information are in a contact manager, sales program, or Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Note Sending faxes with e mail distribution groups is NOT the same as sending faxes by e mail. While sending faxes via e mail is a key repository for most electronic communication methods, there are also several disadvantages, including

Sending faxes by e mail eliminates the real time transaction process or benefits of sending a fax.

Each fax sent directly from e mail creates an individual e mail with a [FAX] recipient type that is then stored on your local machine and e mail server.

Depending on the size of fax recipient lists, sending faxes via e mail with distribution lists can significantly slow down your email server or network.

Add disk space used to send fax by email.

Fax enable billing and billing

Outbound fax automation is about improving cash flow through improved accounts receivable and reducing costs. Traditionally, customer service departments have manual data entry systems that purchase orders are deposited and processed. When processed, they are billed manually and sent to customers for payment. Printing, envelope filling and delivery of invoices is also a work and resource intensive task. In addition, USPS mail costs 0.39 or higher for delivery and takes an average of 48 hours for delivery and payment of the invoice is generally made several days later. All these manual processing steps and usage costs are eliminated by outgoing fax automation. Your billing and billing can be fax enabled and with a simple push of the key on the keyboard, invoices will be delivered to customers in a few seconds with confirmation receipt

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